Endurance, Part 1

Some pains hurt just a little; others make you wish you were dead…

Some wounds heal quickly; others fester and scar you forever.

Some medicines make you strong; others make you weak.

Some burdens are easy to carry; others bring you to your knees.

Some worries are easy to forget; others nag you 24/7.

Some traumas come and go; others come and stay.

Some things can wait–a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month or two; others need done NOW.

Some words put you at ease; others drive your stress off the charts.

Some numbers fill you with you hope; others crush you with despair.

It’s almost never a roller coaster. It’s more like being stabbed, shocked, drowned, and pushed off a roof–all while playing Russian roulette in the midst of a vicious car wreck. And that still doesn’t do it justice.

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