Endurance, Part 2

Submitted for your perusal: a partial list of physical traumas…

… inflicted by Lynch Syndrome, colon cancer, Muire-Torre Syndrome, various skin cancers, leukemia, and prostate cancer or by the treatments, side effects, and side effect mitigations for all the above.

Note: Some fall into the “came and went” category. Many are in the “came and stayed” category.

Never feeling normal again.

Feeling sick all the time.

Debilitating fatigue.

Skin lesions.

Bruises, cuts, and scratches that refuse to heal.

Alarming weight loss.

Alarming weight gain.

Uncomfortable and embarrassing hot flashes.

Soaking night sweats that ruin your sleep.

Unstoppable chills that come on suddenly and can last anywhere from a few minutes to days to weeks.

Grossly enlarged lymph nodes… so huge that they disrupt the function of your legs, lungs, stomach, intestines, kidneys, and ureters.

Feeling like your teeth are going to fall out.

100% loss of sex drive.

Man boobs.

Loss of strength and muscle mass, so severe than it takes everything you have just to get up and walk across the room.

Blood in your urine.

Acid Reflux.

Aspiration of stomach acid into your sinuses and lungs.


Strained defecation and evacuation that does not feel complete and “satisfying”.




Inability to control your body temperature.

Cold, sweaty hands and feet.

Nasty metallic taste in your mouth, so severe that you stop eating.

Lost appetite, so much so that the mere thought of eating disgusts you.


Peripheral edema.


Permanent numbness in your hands and fingers.

Cracked teeth (due to unconscious jaw clenching and grinding).

Painful infections that take time to treat.

Hair loss.


Cracked fingernails that never heal.


Brain fog.

Memory loss for names, simple words (even your own phone number and social security number.

Painful, burning urination.

Blinds spots in your eyes.

Excruciating back pain due to hydronephrosis.

Opiate withdrawal: shivering, nausea, restlessness, icky guts, diarrhea, full body cramps… as if you’re being invaded by space aliens.

Full body bone pain… as if your entire skeleton is going to crack.

Umbilical Hernia (a complication from having half your colon removed)

Alarmingly swollen, painful leg, so much so that you need a cane just to take a few steps.

Random pains that come and go (too many to list).

Random unpleasant sensations in your body that are impossible to describe.

Inability to sleep because you are in so much pain.

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