Getting My Affairs in Order, Part 5

It wasn’t until I started getting my affairs in order…

… that I appreciated the weight of honesty, courage, and love required to do it right.

I’m not just talking about the time, expense, and aggravation required to compile and organize the ephemera of one’s life, understand how the system works, find legal help, do the requisite paperwork, and make it all official.

I’m talking about the PROCESS, as deeply instructive as it is disquieting…

… of taking inventory, literally and figuratively, of one’s life.

… of taking stock of what really matters and what doesn’t.

A PROCESS that requires the deepest soul-searching you’ve ever done…

… that demands you look death straight in the eye without pretense.

… that clears the mind and heart of all trivia.

… that requires the most brutal honesty–first with yourself, then with others.

… that requires the heaviest conversations you’ve ever had.

… that teaches you who your real friends are.

… that teaches you that it’s not just about you.

… that demands you bury the hatchet and to leave nothing unsaid that needs to be said.

… and that requires you to detach your identity from your material possessions before death takes them all away.

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