Getting My Affairs in Order, Part 6

Time to talk about “Death Cleaning”…

… the process of taking inventory, literally and figuratively, of one’s material possessions… scattered about the house, the yard, the garage.

Rusty tools, pots and pans, an old TV, and worn out shoes. Prized possessions and mementos–the ephemera of a man’s life: photographs, diplomas, trophies, treasured gifts, favorite books, ticket subs, wisdom teeth, birthday cards, and love letters… scraps of notes for that book never written.

So many forgotten memories triggered. Of the things I used to do, the persons I used to be, the things I once held dear. Of crushing defeats and private victories. Of painful regrets and unrequited loves. Of the wonderful people I used to know. And almost all that matter to no one else but me. And most all destined for the landfill.

In the meantime I’ll do my best to relieve my survivors of the burden of divvying up and hauling off my precious junk when I’m gone. And I hope to leave each a keepsake or two to laugh and cry and remember me by, even if just for a little while.

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