Getting My Affairs in Order, Part 7

I can’t overstate the peace of mind and enormous sense of relief that came with having my affairs in order…

Knowing that I will not become an undue burden on anyone…

… that nobody has to wonder what my final wishes are.

… that I am not leaving my survivors with work to do.

… that nobody need make any difficult decisions during an already stressful time.

… that nobody need act against their religious views.

… that all my advance medical care wishes are in place legally.

… that nobody has to hunt for important documents.

… that I’ve hired a fiduciary (a professional executor) to handle all my affairs.

… that the bulk of my estate will be donated to causes I care about.

… that everything has been clearly communicated (both verbally and in writing) to all impacted parties.

… and knowing that I am leaving nothing unsaid that needs to be said.

continue… Being a Good Patient (coming soon)

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