Life Expectancy, Part 4

Imagine a vicious game where you never know who’s winning and never know how much time is left on the clock…

Except for the laws of the universe and the biochemical warfare being waged inside you, there are no rules.

It’s a game where fairness means nothing. You can do everything right and still lose.

The players include you, a network of medical providers, and a small circle of family and friends.

Sometimes the ball’s in your court. It’s a time when you must choose—given a list of knowns, another list of known unknowns, and some unknown number of unknown unknowns–any of which can startle and stagger you at any moment.

It’s a game where it’s often a heroic accomplishment just to survive another day—sometimes to survive just another minute.

And then you realize that the game cannot be won. Everybody knows how it ends. All you can do is decide to play (or not)—for a time.

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