Life Expectancy, Part 7

Time can be measured in a variety of ways…

By the clock, calendar, and passage of the seasons, of course…

… but also by the big milestones in life: baptisms, birthdays, graduations, first job, getting your driver’s license, first kiss, leaving home, first time voting, buying your own beer, starting a career, marriage, birth of a child, retirement, and many other accomplishments and rites of passage.

Alas, cancer introduces you to many other ways to measure time: lengthy bouts with nausea, weakness, exhaustion, pain, and anxiety… surviving and recovering from a surgery… putting yet another biopsy, colonoscopy, endoscopy, cystoscopy, PET scan, procedure, infection, complication, chemo or radiation cycle behind you… losing your hair and getting it back again… to name but a few.

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