My Colon Cancer, Part 9

About a month after I heard those three horrible words, I got a letter from the gastroenterology clinic that did my colonoscopy…

It said that they did not find any polyps, and they recommend that I come I back in five years for my next “routine” colonoscopy.

What is this? A cruel joke? A clerical error? WTF?

I was incredulous, of course… and beside myself with anger.

Naturally, I called the clinic to clear things up… to confirm, of course, that there was no reprieve… that I still had to go through with my hemicolectomy.

Anyway, I mention it because it’s just one of many bad memories now, ten years hence… a painful example that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing… and reason to lose confidence in the so-called healthcare system.

But I had to let it go. I had no heartbeats to waste on things that do not align with my life’s purpose.

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