My Leukemia, Part 1

I already knew something was wrong…

I’d known it for months…

Because, in the course of doing my “routine” Lynch Syndrome surveillance over the past year or so, my oncologist snuck in a few extra blood tests and showed a particular interest in palpating and measuring the lymph nodes in my neck, underarms, and groin. They also started asking a few extra questions regarding my energy levels and whether I had any problems with my teeth. Hmmm?!

Long story short, the alarming levels and trends in my blood work (white count and other cancer markers) could no longer be denied and it was announced in February 2018 that I had Leukemia–Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), B-Cell Type.

And guess what?

I was relieved.

Crazy, right?

Allow me to explain.

I was relieved to learn that it was only CLL, not an aggressive Lymphoma and not a primary Lynch Syndrome cancer that had already advanced. Two diagnoses, among others, that I was already bracing myself to hear.

Relieved, no kidding.

What a relief to hear that it’s “only” leukemia! (I am not being facetious)

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