My Leukemia, Part 12

Rewind to that very first dose of Acalabrutinib in mid-October.

I felt “okay” for the first four days.

In fact, I managed to squeeze in a full body scan on day three without incident.

Day five. No such luck.

The nausea came out of nowhere. You know that horrible feeling when you start to sweat and know you’re going to hurl. And hurl I did. Four in a row. Feeling like my ribs are going to crack.

Then the headache hit. Vicious.

Then came the fatigue. Overwhelming. Not just sleepy. Not just tired. Exhausted. I just wanted to lay down and never get up again.

And you want to hear something crazy? I didn’t feel as upset as you might expect. I was too exhausted to feel much of anything.

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