My Leukemia, Part 9

I took my very first dose of Acalabrutinib (Calquence) on October 14, 2020…

In that same timeframe I started taking Alapurinol in order to prevent tumor lysis syndrome and Prednisone as an anti-inflammatory and energy booster.

And immediately got busy with all the tests required to stage my disease, establish a baseline, and monitor for possible side effects. Not to mention all the surveillance I was already doing for Lynch Syndrome. And not to mention a bunch of tests that were already in process trying to pinpoint how exactly my CLL was causing that long list of horrible symptoms.

Here, for your perusal, is a partial list of tests and procedures endured in the days and weeks that followed:

// Urinary Tract Ultrasound.

// Blood flow ultrasound to check for arterial blockage.

// Blood Work (which continued twice a week, measuring things I didn’t think you could measure). Twice a week. No kidding.

// EKG. (possible arrythmias induced by Acalabrutinib)

// Eyes to Thighs CT scan.

// Bone Scan.

// Pelvic Bone Marrow Biopsy.

Each of the above comes with its own set of challenges, pains, frustrations, and anxieties (better discussed at another time).

By the way, while all this is happening, that nasty list of symptoms that ruined my Covid summer was still destroying my quality of life… and getting worse.

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