My Lynch Syndrome, Part 7

Since 2012, I have been under surveillance for the long list of possible Lynch Syndrome and Muir-Torre Syndrome cancers…

… a program that includes regularly scheduled dermatological exams, blood work, urinalysis, imaging, colonoscopies, EGDs, and clinical examinations.

I have since had over two hundred skin biopsies and multiple surgeries to excise a dozen or so sebaceous carcinomas… as well as dozens more sebaceous adenomas, which if left untreated would have likely become cancer.

I have had at least a dozen colonoscopies/EGDs that have painlessly removed multiple pre-cancerous (adenomatous) polyps, each of which almost certainly would have become cancer if left untreated.

The road hasn’t been easy, but I am still here… six full years and counting past what I was convinced would surely be my expiration date.

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