My Prostate Cancer, Part 1

One of the great joys of doing any medical test is that it sometimes finds things it wasn’t even looking for…

… and that you weren’t even worried about.

In my case, one of those tests was an “Eyes to Thighs PET Scan” performed in the fall of 2020 in order to stage my CLL, baseline the CLL treatment that I just started, look for possible Lynch cancers, and diagnose exactly what was causing that long list of symptoms that continued to destroy my quality of life (see series: “My Leukemia”).

Fast forward three days. Unwilling to ruminate two weeks until I saw my oncologist to discuss the results, I just had to log in—heart pounding—and peek at the test report.

Browsing the host of nasty images where my skeleton and organs lit up like a Christmas tree… and sifting through three pages of medical jargon, there it was: “Right proximal humeral diaphyseal spiculated sclerotic focus 1.2 cm with intense FDG avidity.”

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