My Prostate Cancer, Part 19

Imagine waking up and being informed they found a five-inch-long tumor in your bladder…

… and that they “did their best” to excise what they could using a cystoscope.

Imagine being sent home with a thick tube shoved through your pee pee into your bladder, so that urine can drain into a rubber bag strapped to your leg.

Imagine feeling like there’s a tiny razor blade slicing the inside of your penis every time you move, even just a little.

Imagine dreading having to pee because it burns–and feeling like you have to pee all the time.

Imagine trying to do anything at all–sitting, standing, walking, eating, sleeping, driving, going to a bunch of other physically and emotionally painful medical appointments–with this torture device inserted into and strapped onto you.

For ten days.

In fact, try to imagine it for just one minute.

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