My Prostate Cancer, Part 4

The first line of defense for advanced prostate cancer is to stop feeding it…

And what does prostate cancer like to eat?


And so, you begin Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), which consists of two prongs…

/ Prong #1/ Medicines (*) that stifles the ability of your testicle to produce testosterone (chemical castration).

/ Prong #2/ Medicines (*) that stifle the ability of prostate cancer cells to uptake testosterone.

(*) In my case, a combination of Lupron, Xtandi, and Casodex. (None of these posts should be taken as specific medical advice).

Say goodbye to your virility.

Say goodbye to your sex drive.

Say goodbye to sexual pleasure.

Say goodbye to your ability to get an erection.

Say goodbye to your physical strength.

Say goodbye to a big chunk of your energy.

Say goodbye to all the above… Forever.

And say hello to fatigue, hot flashes, muscle loss, weakness, mood swings, weight gain, man boobs, and bone density loss.

But at least I learned I wasn’t going to lose my arm.

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